Welcome to my sabbatical! Yes I’m on break even though an epic project like this doesn’t look much like a ‘break.’ But profs on sabbatical aren’t just drinking mimosas on the beach – they work to do projects they can’t do while teaching. That’s what I’ll be up to all month!

NOTE: Popup sales start today! One class per day from now til Christmas, related to whatever art or card I post that day – today 11/30 ONLY: Ink Sketching class is on sale with coupon code THANKS2020 ! Watch social media or the purple bar on the website that’ll change each day.

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If you want peeks at what I’m doing (not everything will be on YT), keep an eye on my fine art instagram for daily peeks. And I’ll be making a few crafty appearances elsewhere this month – like, later today (goes live at 6am pacific), I’ll be over at Ellen Hutson’s blog and YT, But for now – see today’s fine art video with a crafty giveaway plus YT live announcement!

The scene I worked from is found in a 2 hour video here.

View on YouTube.

It occurred to me while typing up this post – it was about a year ago I became obsessed with fountain pens, and started buying a few to try out! I decided on the TWSBI Eco being my favorite to recommend (the other one I like best is just too pricey!) See more about pens here.

The finished sketch….

12 Tags of Christmas

In a few hours, you’ll be able to click on the pic below to head over to Ellen’s blog for the first in her 12 tags series – this one by MOI! I’ll be using her linky thingie to choose winners of my 12 giveaways, so if you make 12 tags, you get 12 entries into MY giveaway plus whatever else she’s got going on!


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