Ohhhhh goodness what a week it has been! busy month as well…since we’ve been planning a large event at my church. One part of it, my part, is teaching some watercolor—so I’ve been busy planning the project, working out the supplies and ordering it all, managing how I’ll do my presentation with talking and painting at once (more on that in a minute!) and as of this week, setting up. Yeesh! I could have done without any work to get done aside from this volunteer project, but….that wasn’t to be.

I wanted to do something different for today’s video but…..with the time i had left this week, that just wasn’t possible. I attempted it, but needed more time for research and ‘mulling” before something was going to come of my idea. So I decided I’d turn the extra work I did for the new Imaginary Creatures class into a video and share a tip or two from class with you – and invite you to join me for the course!

Tutorial: Peek inside class

Watch the video below and scroll to the end to leave comments or questions — or click HERE to watch it on YouTube and leave comments over there. I read both dutifully!

Today’s teaching…..comin’ up!

The tables are filled with other supplies than mine; we’ll have someone teaching how to make fancy mocktails, someone else a charcuterie board, and someone else scones! It’s a hospitality theme. And then….ME! Gah. Me and some watercoloring a Bible journaling page. 

The project is an easy one, but I only have 45 minutes to talk about what Bible journaling is, how to paint it, give them time to paint it, and explain trimming it out and gluing it as a tip-in. Yeeep! I tried writing down all my remarks to see how long just talking through it would take – I was over an hour. I edited ruthlessly. Got it to 45 minutes but with no painting time. We planned originally on having me live on stage with a camera on my hands – and I KNEW there was no way I was going to keep pace talking while also painting!

So this week I shot videos for each step, and I hope that me introducing the videos won’t be too weird/awkward without painting it – but the videos do explain it well, and guess what?

NOTE: I’ll be turning this and the pages for a followup series of four weeks at the  meetup I’m hosting into a little class, too! Why not since I have all this video?  Keep an eye out for it soon!

And wish me luck – we’ll kick the event off about 6 hours from when this post goes live, and I’ll be so happy to be on the other side of it. Ha!

Imaginary Creatures

The one-pager for Imaginary Creatures is doable – but for my old and failing eyeballs, tough! In the class I teach each lesson on images about twice the size of those on this sheet, and in Olo markers. But you have lots of options: either size image, a blank template for  you to draw the shapes along with me in the lesson, or print the one with sketches and use that for a guideline. Make it as easy or challenging as you’re ready for!

Pssst there’s a colored pencil version too, that came out in 2021!

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And a little fun

My friend Alyse and I sketched together last weekend. And we drew in each others sketchbooks. Which one do you think is mine? 🙂

I’ll have my brain back next week!

I just need some rest! 🙂


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  1. Copic Markers 
  2. Copic Hex Chart 
  3. Neenah Cardstock, Solar White 250pk 
  4. Olo markers Use coupon code “sandy” if asked!
  5. Olo marker hex chart 
  6. White gel pen
    1. White Signo Uni-ball Gel Pen:  AMZBLICK
  7. Black alcohol-marker friendly pen:
    1. Copic Multiliner
    2. Copic Multiliner SP


  1. June from Minnesota

    These animals are too funny- the bold, bright colors really adds to their character. They would be perfect for Halloween.

    btw- you drew the bottom cat, right? 😉

    • Sandy Allnock

      If only i were that talented… 🙂

  2. Marilynn Ellsworth

    It looks like you are one of the organizers around. I always loved your Bible Journaling, I learned so much from you and enjoyed so much.


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