It’s Friday the 13th but I’m not playing the unlucky game. Instead, I’ve got another of my crazy epic works today – this one is about 12″ x19″! It was quite an epic thing, and I honestly had little faith it would work. I planned for just watercolor, and did the first wash…but once I got partway through the second pass I made some GAH errors – bleed bleed bleed! But after ALL that drawing and painting I wasn’t about to let this one get away. TWSBI pen to the rescue!!!!


A bit of backstory: I was working on a project for my church that initially took me down a rabbit hole to some groovy 60’s themed graphics. We quickly departed the silliness….but then I had to get it out of my system!

I used a picture of a swanky model for the start of this, then instead of her wearing the slinky outfit she had on, I gave her a tshirt and denim shirt (because I am always seemingly cold! It’s still in the 50F range daily here! She also had to have an easel, lots of art supplies everywhere….and little tidbits hidden in the pen and ink work.

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In case you missed any of the doodling this week – here ya go!


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