This is another of my monthly installments of “Create in Color” for MFT! Last month a number of folks asked for colored pencil – and a few asked for the “Magic Colored Pencil” Technique. Your wish is granted! I chose some really darling stamps with a true fantasy element to them. And a set of dies that you can use to build a custom castle of your own design!

The castle was fun to design – I didn’t use all the parts in the die set, but try cutting them all out and arranging them til you come up with a structure you like! Note that this project could be a card like I made it to be – or could instead be a gift for a child who loves playing with paper fantasy toys! Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube!

I used Prismacolor Pencils for my coloring, though you can color with any medium you like. If you choose pencil, you can leave it as plain pencil, or get a blending stub and some baby oil to blend the color! (The pencil numbers I used: 923, 1022, 932, 907, 1096, 1082, 947, 1002, 921, 1013, 1092)

The little princess is feeding flowers to her stable of ponies…..

And the little knight has a bedazzled helmet! His enemies won’t be able to see him during battle since the sunlight will be twinkling off all that shimmer.

A ferocious dragon will guard the castle – or perhaps draw some angry eyebrows on him so the knight has someone to fight!

To get the creatures to stand up, a second diecut is glued just at the top – I made a little score line on each one so the two pieces separate and make the figures stand on their own.

The glitter was added to Glossy Accents – you could also just let the shiny coating add to the images without using glitter, but…why not, right?


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