After sharing the Pantone Color of the Year colorways with you, I’m going to USE the ‘PONDER’ group of colors together today. Or at least some of them!

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First choose your colorway….here’s the chart section I’m working with:

I pulled out some of the colorway colors, plus a few others for shading purposes; the B29 because my B28 chisel nib is toast (ha) and B69 because I was worried my B29 needed reinking. Yep, I was a Girl Scout: BE PREPARED! ha!


I kept the colorway going with the selections for the layer (a light kraft) and card base (a darker kraft). The whole thing is very different than what I would have done if I was just making up the colors as I went along, so I’m pretty excited that this pushed me to try something else!

Are you ready to hop in and try a colorway? Go download a chart with some ideas in it for colors, and get busy trying it out. Let me know what your results are – did it come out terrible? Or did you learn something new? Leave me a link or tag me with your project, I’d love to see your interpretation!


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