Welcome! I’m excited to bring you this series of paint-along videos all week – thanks for stopping by!


Paint-Along Series #1: Barn

The first painting we’ll do together is a barn – I kept it somewhat simple but included some areas that advanced watercolorists can really get into (try adding more wood texture and roof details!) The videos this week are all in real-time; I did cut out a few moments here and there, and you do get a good bit of boring chatter, as it’s hard to fill that much time! lol! But I hope you’ll get your own watercolors out, download the sketch that’s below the video – and paint with me! Share your own painting at the end of the post, and use the hashtag #paintalongwithsandy so we can all see what you’re creating! Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.


Click below to download whichever version of the sketch you’d like, then print it out and copy to your watercolor paper as shown in the video!

  • Full size sketch (if you want to paint it larger) (JPG)
  • 1/4 page size sketch (fits on a quarter sheet of a 9×12 pad, and fits on A2 sized greeting card) (PDF)


I’m over at Ellen Hutson today with a little introduction about DS watercolors – check it out HERE. There’s a video collab I created with Nolen Lee from Punching Pandas HERE – about how Daniel Smith watercolors are made! The poster of all the pandas is HERE, and there might be more of them individually in his shop so peek around to see if he got them posted yet 🙂


Below are links to the supplies I’ve used for today’s project; click on the listed items to go directly to it. Affiliate links may used, which means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support toward the costs of running this blog! Read more.

  1. DANIEL SMITH Watercolors:
    1. Essentials 5ml Set of 6
    2. PrimaTek 5ml Set of 6
    3. Dot Chart, 238 Colors
    4. Dot Chart, 66 Colors
    5. Kyanite Genuine (PrimaTek)
    6. 15ml Prussian Blue  5ml Prussian Blue
  2. Papers:
    1. Canson Arches Rough Watercolor Paper Pad
    2. Canson Arches Hot Press Watercolor Paper Pad
    3. Canson Arches Cold Press Watercolor Paper Pad
  3. Black Velvet Watercolor Brushes,
    1. Round 8
    2. Round 6
    3. Round 4
    4. Round 2
  4. Masking Fluids
    1. Fineline Masking Fluid Pen
    2. Grafix Incredible White Mask Liquid Frisket
  5. Hardbords
    1. Ampersand Hardbord, Flat 9×12
    2. Ampersand Hardbord, Flat 5×7
    3. Ampersand Hardbord, Flat 11×14
    4. Ampersand Hardbord, Flat 8×10 
  6. Thermoweb Adhesive Pick-Up Square 
  7. ShurTech Yellow Frog Delicate Multisurface Masking Tape