Don’t let vacation go to waste….do some coloring during those lovely quiet times with your family!

Make your summer vacation an art adventure too! Encourage your kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews to create, and innoculate them against the naysayers in their future. While I color this camping image in colored pencils, I’ll give you some ideas to share art with the littles in your life! Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

What to pack for coloring on vacation?

Sandy Allnock Camping w pencils

Suggested supplies would be 1) your medium – colored pencils are often easiest, least messy. 2) something to color, prestamped; 3) pencil sharpener (hand powered); 4) a hard surface like a mini clipboard; 5) coloring books. Take things for the kids to work on too – new coloring books and a fresh box of crayons are a real treat!

Download a color wheel to take with you!

Download the file and print out enough for everyone to use at whatever size you need it. (place the jpg into a Word document to make it bigger or smaller). Teach the kiddos what the color wheel is all about! If you learned about shading from the Coloreed Pencil Jumpstart Class, why not share that with kids?


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