Operation Write Home

The 501c3 organization was closed in 2015, however while I am not able to pay to host a website any longer, I maintain ownership of the URL to protect our name. I have no recommendations for sending out cards to deployed service members; other orgs closed long before us, for the same reason – considerably less need than we had capacity for. I am grateful for all who supported OWH back in the day – we did amazing work and touched millions of lives!

One of the resources developed that was beloved by cardmakers was the collection of sketches. These have measurements for each panel on them – 239 sketches in all! Click to download.

I do not have recommendations for places to send your excess cards aside from contacting your local organizations and facilities. Nursing homes, hospitals, churches, charities – ask around. Be willing to give them what they ask for; ie if they only need a particular kind or a certain quantity on a specific timeline, serve them well by not inundating them with items they cannot use.