The “no line” look can be done with about any medium; you just need to have an ink that will “disappear.” I love the no-line ink from Ink on Three for all three of the mediums below; sometimes I use distress or distress oxides for watercolor if I want the lines to fully wash out.

You can also try “second generation” stamping – stamp once on scrap, then again without reinking on your main paper. That should give you a tinted look to the stamp lines. Be careful that whatever ink you use, it doesn’t bleed with the medium. Test appropriately!

Posts below are collected by medium. Click on any photo to go to the post with video tutorial.

No-line Copic coloring animals (plus a little MISTI trick)

Inks for no-line coloring (several mediums)

Copic Marker

First, let’s prove I was doing no-line coloring in January of 2016 before the craze…

Shiny Metallic Robots in Copic marker

Coloring a no-line Golf Cart Card

Coloring a realistic bee – no line copic + pencil

Draw a crate for a fuzzy little pet

No-line coloring a girl: Copic on Kraft with Colored Pencil

No Line Copic Hack: Adding Graphite Pencil Accents

No-line motion with pull-tab sentiment

Forgiving and easy no-line background technique

No-line coloring on colored paper

No-Line Copic Fall Flowers

Copic Bouquets

No line copic vs watercolor

Creating teeny tiny No line works of art

The Human Rainbow: Hair + Masks

Coloring a realistic bee


No-Line watercolor flowers

No-Line Watercolor Mermaid Card

Watercolor a No Line Hedgehog Card

Colored Pencil

Customize a bird stamp

Clean and Simple No Line Valentines

Dutch Rabbit Family

How to no-line color a teeny tiny koala

Storybook No Line Coloring: woodland critters

The last camel

Choosing colors for depth – no line vs black line