And you wonder why I’ve been a little absent on social media? *pant pant*

I’ve been wanting to do a class on birds for a lonnnnnng time. Lots of requests for our feathered friends, and I had to decide which medium got to go first…it’s like picking between kids! Gah! But…I’ve been wanting to play with “loose” watercolor pencil to create some art, so that won out!

I’m calling it a “Level 4” class, which is not quite a “Level 5”; the 5 would require solid drawing skills, but birds are relatively easy – they’re a circle for a head, an oval for a body, just add wings and a tail. LOL. And I know LOTS of my students are totally ready for this much drawing – so they’ll be just fine with it!

Watch the preview or click to see it on YouTube.


But I know lots would *like* to get to the point they’d feel comfortable drawing a bird, and even though I tell them birds are comparatively easy, I started thinking this week that I need to find a solution to help folks get over that hump.

I’ve recommended Drawing 101 to folks wanting to learn to draw – it covers perspective, shading, and so much more….and lots have loved that class. There’s also Whimsical Sketching, a class drawn in pen, and that’s nice and loose, but doesn’t teach much drawing, it’s more doodling. So I needed to offer something, maybe….in between them?

That’s when I came up with an idea for a class that I think could really help bridge the gap: 30 Days to More Confident Sketching! 30 days, 30 small videos, with FUN things to draw, but more realistic than the doodle classes, and less technical than Drawing 101. It’s even awesome for the Urban Sketching community, too – and artists in any discipline. The goals are to help students become confident that they can:

  • create a quick sketch from real life or a photo
  • make confident pencil strokes quickly and boldly
  • get proportions somewhat close without having to trace or measure
  • take one of Sandy’s crazy advanced classes and not freak out over having to draw something fancy

I’ve set this one at Level 2, which doesn’t mean you need Drawing 101 first – just that it’s going to be some work – 30 days straight ain’t for slackers, right? LOL! It’s also what’s called a “drip” class, explained in the video below – content becomes available slowly over the 30 days at the same hour of the day you made the original purchase. Hopefully that’s a good time for you to be online to access material, but you can always watch anytime after that hour.

Watch the sketching of the class logo in the video below and hear more about the class – and answer the question at the end of this post if you plan to take this class!

My question

Even though I launched the 30 Days class, I haven’t actually finished it. Okay, TBH I have three days done. LOL. But since lessons get revealed day by day I have some time to get them done!

I have a list of lessons for a bunch of the days, but I’m taking requests for what you might want to learn! No guarantees it’ll all be included, and complex topics will be simplified – for instance portraiture will NOT be covered – but there will be a lesson on sketching little people in street scenes. Remember the level of the class, we’re not going deep. 🙂

So given that, are there specific things you’d like to see covered for sketches?