Happy National Creativity Day! I saw this holiday on my calendar….and while it’s also another holiday in America (Memorial Day), I thought this would be a great day for a simple project anyone can do. So if you’re stressed about trying to come up with something to create on National Creativity Day, I’ve got just what you need!

This has got to be one of THE easiest projects ever! A little alcohol ink, a little Yupo – and a pencil. That’s it! This was inspired by a lot of people asking how my brain can “see” things like birds in this video – and I’m not really sure how to teach quite THAT much of a wild ride that happens in my head. I just….see it.

So instead I thought I’d start with…circles. We’ve all seen cute drawings with round bodies before – so turning circles into things that aren’t circles is a good step to start with! To “see” these you just need to form those objects into a round shape – like these trees below. They’re trees, but trees in reality look nothing like this…so that’s the first step in enlivening your imagination!


Watch the video below or click here to see it on YouTube.

The trees are so simple, even for those who tell me they “can’t draw.” Just trace the outside of the circles! Make simple straight lines if you’re not confident making tree trunks. No alcohol inks? How about stamping inks or watercolors, stamped with a round sponge? Try other papers….yupo is just because I was using these bright alcohol inks. Get creative and use what you have on hand! (By the way the bleed proof white is going through testing here in my studio. I also have some other white mediums, I’m checking them on different projects as I get to them and will let you know how they do. This PhMartins really works amazing on both Copic and Alcohol inks though!)

Once you get the hang of trees – try some balloons! Or animals like birds…or chickens…or frogs…or fish. Anything cute! Think of the circle as a head-body combo for most so that only legs and arms get attached.


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