A little birdie told me there’s a 10% off sale at Ellen Hutson this week on all markers! Yes all markers! So to get you revved up, I figured I’d answer some questions I get asked a lot – and give you a heads up on a new class that’s around the corner.

PS an earlier version of this post listed the sale at 15%…I was wrong, sorry!!

How to store markers – vertically or horizontally?

The question never really came up until we were all told to store Distress Markers horizontally…then it got everyone panicking.

The rule of thumb: Look at the manufacturer website. Do they offer any storage options? Show any? They’ll show you the preference. But in general – the only markers that must be stored horizontally, as far as I know. are Distress markers. Everything else can go either way.

How do YOU store your markers?

I don’t have a “pretty’ system – no organized cabinets around this wacky studio. It’s cobbled together, but at least I’ve gathered all my markers in one area, right? Ha. The brown shelf pictured above is left over from a desk I once had. And the rest of the containers are pictured below – links in the supplies list at the end of the post.

What did you just say? New class?

Shhh! It’s a secret, just between you and me. It’s a Hex Art class I taught in my travels last year (peek at it in the photo at the top of this post), soon to be an online class – on the (shhhhhhhh) top secret new website. I don’t have a launch date yet, we’re tackling stuff behind the scenes. But it’s coming. Soon. (Please, God, soon. I’m losing sleep!)

If you’re looking for markers for the new class – it’s about the same list as for Copic Jumpstart.. If there were colors you didn’t get during that class that you wanted, this is a great time to stock up. (And if you haven’t taken Jumpstart yet – it’s the prerequisite for the new class, so….it’s a great time to nab a seat in class right now!)

And if you want ideas for colors for Jumpstart? Try this page – these will definitely get you through!


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