….of 2020!

Did you have a scare!?!? No, I’m not quitting cardmaking – just getting ready for my YT card sabbatical in December! So since it’s Black Friday, it’s my traditional “final” card on YouTube!

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This card is bigger than I usually make at 5″ x 7″, but I wanted to have both buildings in it! And the critters….lots of tiny gift-shoppers! And by the way these are from Purple Onion and Michele is having a sale….so get on it eh? Links are in the shopping list down below as always!

For the background, a light airbrushing over most of it set the soft tones for the snow. You might be good enough with blending inks to do that step then add color over it? Not sure how that would work!

The little critters were stamped in a circle around the lantern post, leaving light color around that area. It’s a really tall one – letting the viewer know what it is by the lighting even if you can’t see the top! Notice for the little mouse Maggie, she has bent knees – I ended up giving her a little snowbank to sit on with a shadow behind her, nad creating L shaped shadows from her toes backwards!

If you missed out on my previous epic card with the buildings in it – be sure to watch that one too:

Black Friday +

There seem to have been Black Friday sales for a month or more – so I’m not sure if there are any deals left?! lol! Well *I* have held off til today for my sale on classes! Use coupon code THANKS2020 for 30% off all classes over $20 – tomorrow it’ll be 20% with the same code, and 15% Sunday, with popup sales on social media until Christmas!

There are four new classes, PLUS the Flower Power is on this page because signups end 12/31!

If these classes aren’t what you’re looking for, click on the categories link in the menu and scroll through what you might like to try!


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