It’s that time! It’s been two years with one palette….and I’ve been trying to plan out what I want to be using for a while – and I’m calling this my Island Palette…since I voted some older colors off, and newer colors on!

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I’ve been on the waiting list for a House of Hoffman palette for a couple years; the pandemic delayed it even more but I think it should be here by summer maybe! I want to have a good idea what I want in the palette before then so I’m ready to fill ‘n go, and this palette is my interim, so I can see if any of these colors should go, or if I miss anything that’s not here.


In the video I’ll swatch out the colors and tell you a little of why I kept or added them, then show you the ones that I removed – and what mixes will create them. For most crafters, getting a big ol palette with tons of colors is awesome – but I love to go out and paint, so I want something smaller, but also with big wells for paint…thus the need to pare it down to 15!

Colors staying ON the island…

The colors who get to fight for their place for 6 months or so: Cobalt, French Ultramarine Blue, Phthalo Blue Turquoise, Green Apatite, Sap Green, Transparent Red Oxide, Yellow Ochre, New Gamboge, Aureolin, Green Gold, Permanent Alizarin Crimson, Anthraquinoid Scarlet, Moonglow, Lunar Blue, and Paynes Blue Gray,

The Island Palette seteup has blues and greens on the left, reds and yellows on the right, and the more neutral and granulating colors in the center.

Voted off the island

Choosing colors always feels like picking between children! But not everyone gets to stay. Don’t feel bad! They can always come play, just not in my main palette.

  • Neutral tint: Paynes Blue Gray + Transparent Red Oxide
  • Perylene Green: Sap + Paynes Blue Gray
  • Serpentine: replaced by Green Gold
  • Indanthrone: French Ultramarine Blue + Paynes Blue Gray + Alizarin
  • Phthalo Blue GS, Iridescent Electric Blue, Cobalt Teal Blue: replaced by + Paynes Blue Gray
  • Nickel Azo: replaced by Aureolin
  • Aussie Red Gold: New Gamboge + Anthraquinoid Scarlet
  • Burnt Sienna: replaced by Anthraquinoid Scarlet
  • Burnt Umber: Anthraquinoid Scarlet + Paynes Blue Gray
  • Pyrrol Scarlet: replaced by Anthraquinoid Scarlet
  • Quinacridone Rose: replaced by Permanent Alizarin Crimson

The mix of Cobalt Teal Blue + Nickel Azo makes a lovely grassy green but it’s really granulated due to the CTB. A mix of Green Gold + + Paynes Blue Gray creates the same color but as a non-granulating color.

Other videos mentioned:

Lunar Blue Painting:

2019 Palette setup:


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