I’m obsessed. Someone stop me! It’s just brusho brusho brusho around here. I know, I know. I’ll get back to other stuff, I swear! But this week, stay tuned for it, coz…well I just can’t stop. LOL!

This Hex die (no longer available) went awol on me before shooting this video – I took it out of its stamp pocket and whoops! But it finally resurfaced, and I was able to get these cards out of my system….I was surprised that when I posted the die recently, people hadn’t seen it before – I’m glad to bring it to light for ya! I knew I wanted to sprinkle Brusho for a beautiful contrast with the hex shapes, and so I did!

I played with a Wink of Stella pen on the one with the vermillion brusho – originally just to add a slight shimmer to the hexagons, but they turned into “marble” when I accidentally touched the brusho with it – cool accident!

Sandy Allnock - Mod Hex Die

I also created a shaker with the same die and the black brusho – there’s some of this silvery glittery paper behind the glitter, and it looks soooooo pretty!

Sandy Allnock - Mod Hex Die Shaker

Stay tuned for more brusho….or check out my Yeti+Alpaca HERE, or my basic post all about watercolor powders!


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  • Mod Hex Die, Poppy Stamps – no longer available
  • Brusho
  • Canson XL Paper: EHBLICK
  • Silver Brush Black Velvet Round #8 EHBLICKAMZ