Missing me?

It’s only December 3. What the heck are you missing me already for? Lol. (But the threesome in the title seemed like it needed to be done!

Thursday was the livestream painting session – go check out the replay below. Big thanks to all who came and made it an awesome time! The two large paintings – both the one painted in the video and my practice from yesterday – are for sale now here.

Missing cards?

While I’m on sabbatical from card videos, I’m not on vacation. I’m still working. And one thing I’ll work on in the evenings while watching tv: going back to some of my videos and putting together compilation posts with themes. They’ll be random ones; I’ll look at most-popular posts, or visual themes, or similar techniques, etc, and combine 4-6 reposts into one compilation like in today’s post. (This one is due to some new dies I heard about going live.)

Not only will that give you some card ideas, and refresh some posts you might have missed – but I’ll be fixing the links in both these blog posts and the videos! You may recall I talked about my vanity salln.net urls going belly up, and this way I have small chunks I can tackle at a time.

Alrighty, on to the compilation post!

Missing these dies?

Good news for collectors of dies to go with your stamps! Colorado Craft Company has a few of their older sets that now have dies – there are more than these, I’m just listing the ones I’ve got videos for, but search around on EH or CCC and you’ll find some others. Click on the photo to go to that blog post and see the video for the project, and I’m linking up the stamps and dies at both Ellen Hutson and CCC.

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Vintage Santa

Honey Bee

Perfume Bouquet

Sweet Friend Cupcake

Other dies….

Sorry, no videos from me with them:

Your ideas, please!

I’d love your suggestions for themes you might enjoy seeing pulled together this way – leave me comments with ideas!