I’ve liked the full-size TryFolds before – but they were a bit hard to figure out how to do the stamping…the minis? Oh man. Easy peasy!

There are a couple designs in these mini try folds….I love being able to peek “into” the card from the front and get a preview of the images inside. And I thought it would be hard – but paired with the MISTI, it was a total piece of cake!


Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

I painted these with my Daniel Smith watercolors – but you can easily use whatever kinds of paints you’ve got at home. For paper, I used the Arches Rough – and some folks find the “regular” cold press or the smoothest hot press to be easier to stamp on.

Sandy Allnock Tryfold tulips2
Sandy Allnock Tryfold tulips3
Sandy Allnock Tryfold window

I also gave you a peek at the Garden Window set  – there’s also a sweet set called Hello Friend that I want to try!

Know that if you want to use Copics you might want to use the 110lb cardstock – don’t get overly heavy with your coloring and it may not bleed through at all 🙂 But I used my pencils for the window card.


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