TGIF! There’s something kinda special going on today – my friend Ellen Hutson is starting a “Meet the Maker” series, and she invited me to participate! So in addition to today’s post that you’re reading right now, there’s a lot more over on her blog – but more about that once today’s project is complete. Pull up a chair and let’s chat a while!

First – a word about that photo right next to this text: I got new glasses! I’ve needed them for almost 2 years; the last pair wasn’t made properly, but, well….pandemic! I had put it off, since it was distance vision that was terrible, and I haven’t gone many places so I just lived with it. But now I can see and I’m tickled!

48-hour Sale on CCC goodies is OVER, sorry!

Removed that info to save confusion.

Sale on my classes!

I have a coupon code just for my fellow Ellen Hutson friends! A few recommendations on just a few of my seasonal classes: The Winter Wonderland class is a mini intermediate class that’ll teach 5 different ways to make trees and snow. Mini Autumn Scenes in pencil is also intermediate (there’s also a watercolor pencil and copic version) – 5 more tree scenes and way fun techniques in colored pencils. And the newest class is Winter Copic Enchantment with more advanced scenes than the mini classes, but if you’re game for it, there are ten fabulous lessons to create winter magic on your holiday cards!

Use coupon code ELLENSFRIENDS at for 25% off any adult class that is not already on sale. Cannot be combined with other coupons. Offer ends at 11:59pm Pacific on 10/24/2021.

Let’s get on to today’s video tutorial!

When the Autumn Scenes Mini Colored Pencil Class launched, I shared a video with a ‘rejected’ scene — I had filmed it and loved it, but it just didn’t “match” the look of the other scenes in class so it’s free on YT. When I came across the sketch again, I decided to use that scene with the rabbits from, believe it or not a Valentines stamp set! It’s Lots of Love from Colorado Craft Company, and though it’s for VDay, it’s quite suitable for any season of the year.

In the video I share a couple tips from the fall version, but the focus is on the winterizing. Watch the video below or click HERE to see it on YouTube.

The fall version is different than the sketchbook version for a couple reasons – 1, I used different colors, and 2, I made it much more quickly. Still cute!

The winter version has desaturated blue in the background – but saturated in the foreground, adding more depth by separating areas in the distance from those closer up.

Go see the rest of “Meet the Maker”!

The other portion of Meet the Maker is over on the Ellen Hutson blog today – Copic coloring, chatting about creative block, plus some other featured fun! Click to go see!

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Need more? Try this page that’s filled with tutorials!


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