So is there ANY art supply in which the super cheap brand seems to perform as well as the pricey one? Maybe, just maybe, I found one. Don’t quote me forever on this; I only just started using one of these brands of masking fluid, and I’ll let you know in time how it does!

Tutorial: Masking fluid comparison for watercolor

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The contenders

For years the fluid I’ve used is the Grumbacher. Something about having orange fluid appeals to me, so I can see where I’ve painted the fluid! The Daniel Smith has been in the studio for a long time too – but my art friend JUST told me the little baggie of “tips” in my drawer goes with the DS fluid – HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS? And third, I’ve seen the Pebeo online and it’s cheap – so I had to see what the difference might be.

The results

Simply said, they’re, pretty much all great in their own way. I didn’t see any whose lines lost their integrity, even the DS with its bubbles looked fine (It was my bad blooping at fault for any problems, not the fluid!) The DS is white though, hard to see on my paper.

The blue Pebeo is nice because it’s blue of course, and even nicer that it’s inexpensive! I wouldn’t have guessed it would do well. I don’t know how it’ll work when I use it in landscapes, as the blues and greens may hide it and I might forget a spot and leave the fluid on the paper, oops.

And the Grumbacher, my years-long fave, may get a leg up in time; if the blue Pebeo doesn’t work with blue and green paintings, it’s possible I’ll need to go with orange.

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  • Masking fluids:
    1. Daniel Smith Masking Fluid w applicator tips  BlickAmazon 
    2. Grumbacher Miskit masking fluid Blick • Amazon 
    3. Pebeo drawing gum  BlickAmazon 
  • Brushes I used with my masking fluid are a “detail” set – however I found an even better one with mixed sizes!
    1. Plaid Color By Me brush set 


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