My niece just got married – and of course my gift for her and her sweetheart was handmade. But I went the extra mile for handmade wrapping and card too! Not entirely by choice…I wasted an awful lot of time looking around for the right gift wrapping and found nothing. A day before I left – I realized I had to get on it and make something!

Tutorial: Custom wedding gift wrap and card (forest themed)

The wedding was to be in a forest, and the couple loves the outdoors and tall trees….and the gift I wrapped up hopefully pressed all the buttons. (I’m still traveling so I’m writing this ahead!) 

Watch the video below and scroll to the end to leave comments or questions — or click HERE to watch it on YouTube and leave comments over there. I read both dutifully!

The card

I used a simple rendition of the tree branches that I used on the wrapping – and look how pretty the ink blooms! For some reason when ink does that I don’t mind like I sometimes do with watercolor. I added a layer of the grey paper on a layer of dark green, and the painted panel is popped up on dimensional adhesive.

The wrapping

Grey paper was what I had to work with, and while I’d have preferred it white – I’m pretty sure I’ll have had an easier time transporting it! White could get so messy on a long road trip, so I think this is likely all good.

Have you ever made custom giftwrapping – and did it match the card?

Sometimes I wonder if I’m just a complete, utter overachiever. Maybe I am! ha!


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  1. Gab

    So so pretty

  2. Kris Boydstun

    This is so inspiring!! I love the forest theme, and I’m sure your niece will love it!

  3. Susan Logan

    Love the wrapping paper and card! I’m sure your niece will appreciate it. Hand made is heart made.

    And thank you for the beautiful card I received from you!


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