This is a rather unique Easter card….in that it doesn’t look much like one aside from having chicks in it!

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I started by using my MISTI and some Eclipse tape to create a circle of chickies…are they playing….chick around the Easter egg? chick chick rooster?

Watch the video on YT.


The colors used are intensely barn-y ones – nice rich, warm colors in the foreground. Then soft, lighter colors for the distant farm and trees.

Creating the distance in the picture really does come from the color intensity difference – the contrast pulls the barn way out in front of the scene!


I tried all different colors for card bases, not wanting to make yet one more yellow card, but ya know….sometimes it just works! If it weren’t for Easter I might have gone with a dark brown, but I’m not sure I’ve ever made an Easter card with a brown base. Have you?


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