Rainbows. Fishies. And instagram. What could be better? I made a rainbow instagram thinking of you card!

I do love me some instagram. I know, I know, lots of folks prefer Facebook or twitter. But they allow folks (including me!) to blather on in text – without having to put a picture to it. It instigates a lot of the anger rampant on Facebook…..so I find Instagram to be a nicer place. If someone wants to go scream support for white supremacists, they have to put a picture to it, which people don’t seem as willing to do. So in general my feed is a happier place. So today’s card is an ode to that happiness!

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Here’s the video – scroll down to download the pdf and make your own!

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Download Instagram Template

Here’s that pdf! Be sure to tag me if you make a card with it, I’d love to see what you’ve created!


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