Sometimes easy’s good. Sometimes….the hard way is just too much fun! In this project I’ll show you two ways to tackle one stamp – and why I chose the medium that I did.

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This little Penguin Tree stamp set from Mama Elephant is so darling – but boy does it have some tiny places to color! I tried painting the picture in watercolor and it was just. too. hard. Lots of little spots that kept spilling over into the white bellies of the penguins. It was a mess and had to be tossed in the recycle bin!

The easy way

There are many options for this, and some are even easier – how about just a blue piece of paper for the sky? Stamping on regular paper not watercolor paper? Skip the clear embossing? Diecut instead of fussy cut? I do like the special love that each of these four poured into the card, but if you’re in a hurry – by all means simplify it up!

I love the little bit of dimension – it makes it just fancy enough that the person who gets this card shouldn’t feel like they’re not loved for getting an uncolored image!

The hard way

I love the hard way sometimes too…..I was on a zoom call and just listening so I was able to spend time working on this one and getting other things done at the same time!

So now I’ve got two more cards added to my stash…at this rate I might get all 200 finished in time for Christmas!


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