Sometimes stamps just talk to me. Like putting together an ice cream freezer with the brand new Treat Yourself set by Lawn Fawn! It’s been crazy hot here lately – I know 80s doesn’t seem like much to most of you outside the Pacific Northwest, but we never get weather like this in May and early June, so it’s totally ice cream weather here!

This also isn’t the traditional Magical Monday video….usually they aren’t voiced over at all. But since this one had some intricate die work and MISTI stamping, I figured I’d chat through those bits at least. I also mixed in some stamps from some of the other sets in the new release – smileyface on the ice cream is from Sweet Smiles and the freezer meats are from Let’s BBQ! 


Enjoy the video below, or click HERE to watch in HD on YouTube!

If you want to color a much easier version of this card, you could just make a white-on-white freezer. Just stop the coloring after the spraying with the mister.

Sandy Allnock Ice Cream Freezer front

I know the ice cream does look a little oversized for this freezer. But since the person getting it REALLY deserves to treat themselves, why not a 10 gallon bucket? *grin*

Sandy Allnock Ice Cream Freezer open
Sandy Allnock Ice Cream Freezer inside

The treat on the inside is definitely a little treat, too – we often forget about the inside of cards, but this one has a spoon ready to dish up a yummy bite!

One other tip – lots of folks haven’t tried Neenah because of the cost of a ream…did you know it’s available in a 25pack? So you can try it out without goin’ broke. You’re welcome, friends!


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I hope you enjoyed my crazy little ice cream freezer today….OH! I hear the ice cream truck! Gotta run! 🙂