Male and female golfers will love this stamp set – Par-Tee Golfers (links are at the end of the post)….I decided to color the dude in the cart, and show you how I get a nice soft blend. But due to laryngitis at the time – you get Magical Monday, with a text explanation of tips below!

This card reminds me of my Dad. He passed years ago, but oh man, was he a golfer. And a punster! I cut apart the sentiment stamp (gasp, I know, I know!) so I could put the second half of the sentiment on the inside of the card. Also – I shortened the flag pole by stamping the bottom and masking the top part, then moving it and lining up the pole, masking off the bottom.


Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

Colored pencil tips:

  • To create the soft blends into white, use a kneaded eraser to soften it – works like a charm!
  • Keep your pencils really sharp – love my Quietsharp electric sharpener.
  • Use light pressure so you can keep adding layers without a waxy buildup.

Inside of the card I used the second half of the sentiment, along with the teed-up golf ball stamp in the set.

A silly dad story

A while after my dad moved out on his own – to Myrtle Beach so he could golf all the time! – he called me and was hemming and hawing a bit. It took a while to get to the point….which was to ask me if it’s okay for a man to wear pink. I told him I thought it’d be ok, did he buy a shirt that someone teased him about? Not exactly. He washed some red socks along with his white shirts…….I suggested he take those to Goodwill and treat himself to some new shirts – but keep the pink undies. LOL! Miss him….


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