Magical Monday is back, at least for today! I’ve had so much heavier teaching to do lately, but I decided to take this one easy and just relax with a cup of something yummy. Hope you join me with your favorite beverage while you watch – the ambient soundtrack will hopefully help you feel like you’re on a coffee break too!

Magical Monday means no voiceover….I hope that you’ll just use your taste-o-vision as I color in all the frappuccinos and get to your favorite flavor! I colored a few of the frappes on a Periscope broadcast a few weeks ago, and oh my – it blew up on Instagram! So I decided maybe I should bring it over here to share with everyone who didn’t get to see that one. The background wasn’t part of the initial plan – but it just seemed to need some soft menu boards in the background.


Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube!

Sandy Allnock Copic Coffee n Frappe Shop

I just love adding scenes to stamped images – and this one went perfectly with the audio, don’t you think? And the sentiments in this set are great – I think I’ll be using the venti fairly often for cards to send to my closest girlfriends!


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