I’m not very adventurous in “real life” – but I’m willing to do a little cliff climbing (or make a fox do it for me) with my Copic markers!

I tried a bunch of different things with this darling little stamp set from Mama Elephant – the three little critters hold signs, and there’s a huge variety of sentiments that can be stamped onto their papers. But what I thought about here was – if one of the critters was feeling congratulatory, where might he go to show his appreciation for an accomplishment? To shout from the top of a cliff, of course! 

Video (no voiceover)

Watch the video below or click HERE to view in HD on YouTube:

To make the reddish-brown layer behind the colored cliff climbing panel, I took a piece of white cardstock and colored it with two of the colors in my little fox – a soft blend from top to bottom. It’s a great way to “create” matching papers when you don’t have any of the right shade in your stash!

Sandy Allnock - Magical Monday Cliff Climbing2

I’m glad this chicken-hearted non-climbing human can rely on a little fox to do the cliff-climbing for her!


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