Maybe this gnome’s not magic. Not in the waving-his-wand-and-poof-I’m-skinny kind of magic. But with all his sparkle and layers and the aurora borealis background, there’s gotta be some magic going on!

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The gnome was intentional – I’ve been on a kick lately with layering, so brace yourselves for more to come, ha! But….that background? Entirely unexpected. It’s one of those glad-I-had-the-camera-on accidents! Watch and see if you are as amazed:

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The layered gnome is so sweet – especially with the added glossy accent and stickles as embellishing!

The grid is painted with a mixture of yellows and browns, just to take the “sting” of the whiteness from it. And some golden sparkle powder too!

And a view of that background – I wasn’t expecting an aurora borealis, I just wanted darker color than my paints gave me. I honestly thought the Storm Cloud colored powder messed it up – but I kept going. Remember, don’t throw it away too soon…learn all you can from the paper first, and it might actually work out!


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