In which I assess what you can do with just this set of 20 pencils! There are two videos, the big one on my YT channel, the other on the MFT channel, but both are included below.

This set – the “Portrait Assortment” – actually came out at least a year and a half ago…and have been in the studio for over a year. AGH! You have no idea the backup of projects sitting around here staring at me. This one, since it included the update of a hex chart, was even more intimidating than most, and I kept putting it off. It feels sooo good to finally be able to share it after over a month of work!

My biggest question about this set, after seeing the colors in it – would this actually work for portraits, alone? Are there colors missing, or colors not used? I found both, but since I’m not a portrait artist, and am kinda clueless about the approach others would take, I could well be wrong. But I gave it a shot!


Watch the video below or click HERE to see it on YT.

I swatch colors on 1-1/2″ squares to put into my swatchbooks (I got my pages here)…..

I know a lot of people will think I *am* a portrait artist by this – but I’ve not spent a lifetime studying portraits and learning how to handle skintones etc. So this was just an attempt – and it honestly doesn’t look a lot like the reference! That’s always been my problem; I can make people look human, but not like the subject.

Card video

I knew my crafters would like to see a card with the set too, so I came through for you! Rather than one super long video on my channel, the card is over at MFT today. I used two stamp sets, changing the outfit on one so she’s wearing a costume I once wore! Click here to see it.

Hex chart update

If you purchased the Luminance Hex Chart at art-classes, then your account should (ha!) have the download updated in your downloads list. To see if it’s the right one, the new one would say “Rev 2021” just below the copyright creation date.

If you purchased the Luminance Hex Chart here on this blog – and haven’t already worked with me to have that added to your art-classes account – then you can drop me an email and I’ll take care of that for you. Be sure to let m know what email account you would have purchased it under so I can find it to move it over.


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