Chibitronics are a fun bit of “science” we can employ in crafting….creating a layer beneath our card front with circuits that “trigger” when a particular part of the card front is pressed. It looks harder than it is – I was scared at first, but it wasn’t so bad at all! Note that these are thick cards since you have to build up depth to keep the battery from being “on” all the time. Also, this isn’t inexpensive; but oh man. So worth it for some special cards! In addition to showing you the full main card (with the texting birds!), I made a couple others just to give you an idea of a few types of designs you can consider.


Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

NOTE: On these photos, I added light in photoshop, to indicate where the lights twinkle; to see them lighting up, refer to the end of the video.

Drive Me Wild Card

For this one, it involved diecutting the Little Town border die, and separating it to color the sky on the top half, and coloring the houses on the bottom half. I put them back together with scotch tape on the back, and re-installed the white doors and windows except for the 2nd story windows. Then I stamped the car and RV below, and colored them. Below is a photo of the pattern I used for the lights, ending with the battery underneath the RV.

Mad Professor

I colored this guy with my Copics, inspired by a physics professor from college – that man loved to blow things up! ha! I poked pinholes in a few random spots with a piercer, and added the Tropical lights to the electronic circuit shown below.

Deep Breath Card

This is one of my favorite birthday card stamp sets! I’ve never colored it this way but it was fun – I drew the corals, as well as creating that burning piece of paper hanging from a fishing hook! The Chibitronics learning: I made the little holes too close together, so I couldn’t fit five lights within that space. HOWEVER – when you look at them lit up, the two yellow and one red lights that are used show through those other two holes, making it APPEAR there are more lights there. So be strategic and you might get more light out of the pattern you choose!


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