I worked on this card during my Zoom chat this weekend on World Cardmaking Day – and oy did it take me a long time to work out what to do! And suddenly someone asked us to go ’round and say what our favorite stamps to color are…which was enough to get me to realize I hadn’t colored any Purple Onion Designs stamps in what felt like ages – and it solved my dilemma of what to create!

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I knew I wanted to make a slimline card with this cool die set – especially because one question I get on a semi-regular basis is how to calculate measurements for layers. Generally I just go by 1/4″ increments, or 1/2 if I want big layers – but this die makes beautiful, tight little layers that also have a nice “edge” in them, which makes the card super elegant when cut from watercolor paper! (I’m not sure if that edge shows up in regular cardstock – but you could try putting a good shim in it to be sure it embosses deeply!

I also had a good chuckle with my friends this weekend over the craze of making slimline cards; I find them relatively inefficient in the using of paper – but they’re fun for some variety in cardmaking! I had always called them “business envelope size” rather than slimline….so there’s that!


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This little bunny’s name is Birch – and I would totally love to be his friend.

The middle critter IS a bunny – it’s Pepper. And the little snowman is a stamp just called Snow!

The layering die does these beautiful edges – and when accented with watercolor, they’re just gorgeous! I popped just the top layer with dimensional adhesive but the thickness of the watercolor paper is just so yummy here.

The blue version was simply painted with different colors of blue – but the same process for everything else!


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