I don’t always make a whole video that’s a redo of a previous one – but the tutorial with 14 backgrounds left a lot of folks confused about how I created this page:

While I am not putting the same photo in my journal again, I’ve got another photo to show you, and maybe that’ll make it clear! (If you missed the earlier tutorial, check that out right here.)

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Watch the video below or click here to watch on YT.

The process I used

  1. Find a photo and print it; note that I used a photo printed at FedEx which prints a shiny-surface photo; if you have a matte-surface photo, the toner may be activated by the paint; for instance newspaper photos would smoosh, but magazine photos would be easy to use.
  2. Trim the photo as desired. I wanted mine to stretch vertically across the page, so cut it to the 7″ height of my page. Tear edges if desired – a soft edge gives it a more natural flow (no big flat edge) for the transition to paints.
  3. Adhere the photo using generous adhesive; if painting over the photo the paper will get wet, so the more secure it is, the better. I used ATG tape.
  4. Stop for a snack. Nice big bowl of fresh fruit!
  5. Add first paint splooges directly onto the paper. Move it with either a brush or baby wipe.
  6. Apply paint over the photo – if it gets too thick a baby wipe will remove some color while still wet.
  7. Use the wipe or other tool to add texture, and other layers of paint as desired.
  8. Once dry, doodle and draw on it or proceed with other art journaling techniques!


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