I’m heading out for the day – off to find wonderful things to paint, have lunch with a dear friend, then maybe take myself to a movie, too – so if you’re in need of anything, I’m treating myself to a day without email. I’ll get back to ya!

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And enter to win my card HERE!

My birthday wishlist:

  • Nice high bids on the auction cards for Nebraska – please share that page with your friends and family to invite them to join in!
  • Donations to charities – my own favorite causes are critter-related (domestic or wild), environment, human rights, journalism, children
  • Student homework uploaded to our facebook group – I love giving out prize classes (50% off a beginner or intermediate class) and the more uploads, the more prizes that month!
  • Sharing any of my sites or social media with your artistic friends. Especially YT, I’m creeping toward 100k and kinda freaking out about that!
  • Cards for the pups because they feel left out when it’s all about mama! Giallo and Vienna can be reached at: PO Box 23395, Federal Way WA 98093
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