In this random art vlog (now titled “Stay Home Art Vlog, do ya like that?), I talk about social distancing tips, hopscotch, and birthday cards!

When it’s coronavirus quarantine season, you need to make your own birthday fun happen! Indeed I was shameless in

Social distance lessons

My pups have gotten together to help you learn to distance yourselves. First, DISTANCE.

Second, NOT DISTANCE. Got it? Y’all gotta stop doing stuff together or we get to keep doing this for a long time…lol.

Even when walking with a friend who you think isn’t sick – and you’re not sick – remember you could BOTH be carriers without symptoms. That means no matter how awesome your friend is, save the hugs for summertime! My friend Lorrie and I walked together and kept the distance…the cool thing is when nobody in town is going anywhere, there’s no one on the roads – so we can walk in the middle of the street!

Crazy art idea

I had this little idea that I hoped would take off — get my whole neighborhood to do a GIANT hopscotch to connect all our houses! The idea didn’t take off but….well, we’re older folks in the hood for the most part.

Though it was SUPER fun watching kids come by and jump on my drawing!

On a slightly sad note – one tiny overnight rain erased my art. On a good note – I have another box of chalk!

Birthday cards!

Thank you to everyone who sent me CARDS! THANK YOU everyone for all the pretty birthday cards! I read them all after shooting the video, while icing my thumb 🙂

I know it was a shameless plea, but looking at a birthday during stay-at-home orders was just more than I wanted to deal with. Having to regularly check the PO box is a good excuse to get “out” – the route from my house to there is unlikely to run into people, and Vienna is a GREAT walkin’ buddy. G not so much (he’s distracted by EVERYthing and pulls a lo!)….so V has been loving making the long walk with me.

And a little gift arrived recently but it got separated in the studio from the card that came with it – I feel so bad I couldn’t write a thank you note! Whoever you are, I LOVE my little yellow bag!

Plans for the day

So what does a quarantine do to your birthday when you live alone with pups? Well – you have awesome friends who drop off lovely things like tulips and cheesecake on your doorstep the night before. You have a friend invite you for a virtual lunch over Facebook Messenger. And you hope the booboo on your thumb lets you get back to the studio!

You also get to invite your internetty-studenty-friends to get out their colored pencils and take a brand new storybook scenes class! The best two parts? 1/ If you took the Jumpstart class you already have the supplies. And 2. It’s on sale through EASTER! You can ask Da Bunny for the class in your Easter basket! 🙂