I’ve gathered up a collection of my intermediate level colored pencil cards – some scene elements but not so much drawing as to be overwhelming!

Click on any image to go see the post with a video tutorial:

Coloring a no-line Golf Cart Card

Color an interactive baking themed card

Storybook Style Coloring (Copic airbrush + colored pencil)

Draw a crate for a little fuzzy pet! (no line coloring)

Color a horse in a barn – easel card

Make a rainbow instagram card (with template)

Color an astronaut scene

Color a Dutch rabbit family

Color a vignette scene

Color Social Media Princesses

No-line color a teeny koala in an envelope

Daytime vs Nighttime Coloring

Color a Cowgirl Card: Draw your own wagon!

Smooth & Even Colored Pencil Blending (Sketch + card)

How to make layering stamps look realistic

Picking colored pencils by name not number

Drawing imaginary creatures in colored pencil

Coloring soft rainbow daffodils

Is this the weirdest pencil sharpener ever? + shading cactus

Make a card the easy way? Or the hard way?