I saw a bunch of sweet pandas and easels in a sweet stamp set from Heffy Doodle – and immediately thought of the mouse from Colorado Craft Company that’s been sitting on my desk! Could I create an “art studio” card where the mouse is entering as the visiting art teacher? Heck yah!

This card ended up interactive – the pull tab lifts UP to reveal the paintings that the cute bears have been working on. They’re all ready for their critique!


It’s another of my crazy card constructions though – building an area that will hold the tab in place and not let it leave the card! Watch the video below or click HERE to view on YouTube.

I didn’t film the masking bits – but when a bear is in FRONT of the easel, stamp IT first. When the bear is BEHIND the easel, stamp the easel first.

L’Artiste…..looks so professional marching in wearing a beret! ha! The bears might need aprons…..wouldn’t that be cute? The floor was, as you saw in the video, a giant OOPS! I’d recommend painting the floor first, THEN the bears. Do it the easy way instead of following me!

Another improvement – try perhaps cutting out the bears separately and glue them on. That’ll make the trimming out of the easels a lot easier.


The winner of the $25 gift certificate on the Colorado Craft Company post: Carolyn O’Connor! Congrats


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