You’ll notice something a little different about this post – it’s shorteer than most of the inspiration colllections! That’s because some of the concepts are much harder than an average crafter often even cares to try. The beginner tutorials have basically no scenes, the intermediate introduce easy to draw elements – but once it gets into needing some drawing skills, or some facility in managing water – often that’s where folks bail on me! (I do have a great Drawing 101 class for just such an occasion!)

But for those ready to tackle bigger ideas – I present the advanced collection. Click on any image to see the tutorial!

Exploring Drybrush Watercolor

Mixing Spooky Hues in Watercolor

Watercolor a loose hummingbird – with a dot card

County Fair Themed Watercolor Card

Turn a solid stamp into a painting

Still life fruit in watercolor, & faux Copic watercolor

How to Create a Strong Shadow in watercolor

Watercolor a harvest moon (aka handling your hot mess moments)

Checking the weather – How to watercolor a Kwanzaa Card

Painting a rich watercolor background

Realistic Rainy Watercolor Card

Multicolor watercolor wash (inspired by illustrator Jon Klassen)

Mini Voices In my Head (2 cards – one easy, one crazy!) – very very 2020

Magical Gnome Card

Watercolor mixing for skin tones

Peekaboo Underwater Submarine Card

Nighttime Roller Coaster Card in just three watercolors

Silly Blue Footed Booby Card

Family Portrait Display Card

Add 2 Farm Scene Elements on a card

Watercoloring a mouse with a background

Drawing Asteroids: Outer Space Watercolor Card

Photo Lady in her Photo Studio – Watercolor Card

Feminine Shark Christmas Card