In this post I’ve collected a whole bunch of nighttime scenes – each video teaches a little something different, some focusing on the moon, or the way it casts light on the scene. Check the titles for the medium!

Click on any image to go to the blog post with video tutorial!

Also see daytime skies collected in THIS post.

Daytime vs nighttime coloring (colored pencil)

Flying Dragon Card

Color a kids halloween card

Easiest Copic night sky background technique ever – no streaks!

Draw Starry Night by VanGogh in Inktense Pencils

Crafty Hack: Create a Christmas card with a frame of trees

Nativity Christmas Cards with torn paper masking

Color a Bethlehem Vintage Night Scene in Copics

Drawing the stable in Bethlehem in Copics

Coloring a Copic night sky with lambs in Copic Marker

Watercolor a harvest moon (aka handling your hot mess moments)

Color a stunning huge yellow moon in Copics

Color a Night Cityscape in Copic Markers

Nighttime Roller Coaster Card in just three watercolors!

Copic Coloring Nighttime Camping scenes

Coloring Moon Light with Copics

Watercolor a colorful night sky

Christmas Choir Card – Pencil, Copic, and airbrush

How about a mini class on night skies?

The Star Light Star Bright class focuses on the skies themselves…