Every May I look forward to the blooming of the blue poppies at my local Rhododendron Garden….but sadly, they’ve canceled the art event already, many weeks early! Phoo. They are open though – so I may make a little pilgrimage mid-May to paint them myself even without an artist event like they hold every year. However – with my new turquoise blue ink….I can make something just as pretty!


In today’s video, I nearly thought I ruined the card – but turns out that was just part of the process! Never let a piece of paper go til it teaches you something!

This kon-peki ink is sooooooo beautiful; I didn’t realize it’d be so turquoisey! It’s even hard to capture on either video or still photos. But one of my patrons will see this one in person and can testify to the fact that it’s a gorgeous color.

The finishing of the card included trimming the panel – removing that little drip of bleach on one side – and mounting it with dimensional adhesive onto a card base. Off center of course, because I’m on a non-centered kick lately!


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