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This weekend, I created an ink painting – yes an INK painting – that felt so therapeutic; it’s a technique I’ve been wanting to play with, and as the color began to interact across the page, it captured my current mood. It’s been heartbreaking watching the numbers of the infected and the dead rise – and all I can think of is how each one touches their entire family. So when we have three and four thousand dead, multiply that by however many people are crushed by the loss. It’s just an unimaginable pain.

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This wasn’t necessarily a “planned” piece. I had taken a class from Nick Stewart (visit his site HERE and his Udemy class HERE) – and had been away from the lessons for a couple weeks and wanted to return to them. He’s an amazing artist with inks and understanding the chromatography that some of them have, and I’ve been buying inks to try to learn what he’s learned too! See the reaction of the two black inks in the video, then pop back to read on below.

View on YouTube.

The inks I used are listed in the supplies – the golden yellow is the Faber Castell, the turquoiose is the Montblanc. SUCH cool effects! I got the little jar for my bleach at the grocery store – I could only find them in packs of dozens online, so I recommend getting them locally. Bleach too. Nobody needs to ship that. LOL.

The glass pens are way fun, I have a couple of them. the ones that are $6 or $7 seem to work as well as the pricier fancy ones. All glass pens, from my current knowledge, are a little “scratchy” on the paper surface, so I’m not keen on drawing with them in general except for testing out colors and papers – it’s a great way to try out a new ink I’ve gotten but not have to fill a pen yet. (Which requires washing out the previous ink color!) The dip pen allows me to be lazy! But the TWSBI Eco is my affordable pen-to-love; I have one in medium and one in a fine nib…so if you’re looking for one to start with, I’d begin there.


Since I’m in thinking-about-staying-home mode, I decided to create a couple digis too – they’re free, you can pop over to my other site to pick them up.

Be sure to share what you create to remind your friends and family to stay home too….and send your card on to someone who might be having trouble staying in. It’s hard, but we need to break the back of this virus!


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