If you’re a blog subscriber only, you might well have missed a few things! So today I’m catching up a tidge.

A few things have changed

This year I changed up my schedule, and it’s very much agreeing with the YT algorithm:

  • Videos are at noon on Tuesdays and Saturdays
  • These are usually “Premieres” which means if you hop onto my YT channel at noon that day, there’s a live chat you can join in. If there’s a Premiere set, then it means I’ll be there for Q&A or just to say hey.
  • Fridays are YT shorts – often cards!

I don’t post about the shorts here on the blog because, well, they don’t “embed” well in blog posts. If you like shorts and want to see them when they post, subscribe to my YT – or check Artventure. I tend to post everything there, though sometimes in chat when it’s small stuff like a little short.

But – below you’ll find some thumbnails to tap on that are linked to that short. OR you can click HERE to see all the shorts on one page.


And a good lesson learned!


Such a cutie patootie! ( Animals classes)


Trinity Stamp Gnome Stamp


Totally easy card!


Pair this bamboo with your panda stamps!

Instagram break

I’ve been on an IG break – I’m so mad at the changes they’re doing that are treating creators terribly, as well as viewers – so instead I’ve been sharing some of my extra creations instead over at Artventure. It doesn’t mean I’m gone from IG and I might post something there this week just so the site doesn’t think I died. LOL

(I was gone for a week and SUDDENLY I had 100 new followers!? What’s up with that!?)

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  1. Gab

    I need to make Artventure a habit to go to every day …


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