Happy Earth Day! It’s that holiday when we look around at this big beautiful planet and figure out how we can be part of helping it stay healthy – it’s up to us! My project today is….a little odd, but goes well with the theme – it’s an illustration of a dream I had of being a snail on….Mars?


Watch the video below or click here to see it on YouTube.

Another drawing for the stash drawer! Some day someone is going to clean that out and wonder if I had a good psychiatrist while alive. LOL!


Whilr creating this week‘s tiny tutorial, I also created a free Earth Day printable! And when you print out an image like it so big there’s no room for the sentiment… you have to get creative with trimming! 🤣 (although I think it’s pretty effective like this, what do you think?)


In case you missed the fun earth day plant and animal projects on social, here’s links to them!


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