This week, I picked a card I made HERE, but had never made a video for….and it was time! Especially with tomorrow being turkey day. This is a one-layer card, once again, and uses the same Autumn Acorn stamp set as that original card, just with a different colors and sentiment.

Please know that this is one of those cards that’ll be hard for the average person to do; I can teach techniques for trees or hair, but trying to make an object look like it’s shaded perfectly is tough. I studied for years, went to countless extra life drawing sessions and taught some myself, and it takes tons of practice. I always encourage trying things out – but don’t be discouraged if you find this challenging!


Watch the video below, or click HERE to watch it in HD on YouTube.

If you scroll through my blog and see something from a while back that you wanna recommend a “refresh” on, let me know!

This Thanksgiving Eve, I would ask one small favor: think about your list of friends, and one or two who are single. Pick up the phone and invite them to your Thanksgiving feast. A tip: don’t call and ask if they have plans; it’s awkward for the one stuck having to answer “no,” or if they just lied and said “yes” then they can’t back out of that to accept your invitation. Simply invite them for dinner. It’ll be appreciated more than you know.


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