Color charts, color charts, color charts – it’s a FIESTA! I hope these will be helpful to you all in participating in the fundraiser below – Sketchmarkers are new-ish in America where I am and not a lot of people know much about them. If you’ve been pondering trying a few colors, I’ve got some suggestions you can shop from and participate in the fundraiser all weekend long. 


Color for Ukraine Fundraiser

This post is in support of a fundraiser that you can read more about here: if you want to join in, buy Sketchmarkers at Ellen Hutson OR Amazon and the profits will be donated to support Ukrainians! And there are THREE hops going on this weekend on Instagram…lots of crafters, sketchers, and artists from all over the WORLD! I’m in the Saturday and Sunday hops, so go see all the fun and enter to win a HUGE prize.

Read Ellen’s story here.

In addition to the prize offered by the sponsors of the fundraiser, I’ve got a new hex chart that I just launched: Sketchmarkers! Every purchase of the chart this weekend will have 50% of the proceeds donated to the fundraiser. Scroll on to see the hex chart and two FREE charts. Even if you don’t use Sketchmarkers you might want the conversion chart!


Video: How to use my marker color charts 

A little of the making of the charts, and how to get updates when they happen!

Watch the video below or click HERE to see it on YouTube and leave comments over there.

The 3 Sketchmarker Charts

Sketchmarker Blending Groups Chart

First is a chart of color suggestions – I’ve had one of these for Copic for years, now I have one for Sketchmarker. Download it for free – you’ll get one version with my numbers on it and a blank you can choose your own combos to keep on hand.

Sketchmarker – Copic Conversion chart

Two charts….one is listed by Copic numbers and the other by Sketchmarker numbers. This one will be great to use when following a class or tutorial in one brand but using the one you have in your art room!

Sketchmarker Hex Chart

Last but never least, I worked my fanny off to get this done in time for this weekend! It’s not perfect, these charts never are, but…this week was just a bear! I had the blues and greens down pat days ago but no matter spending 16 hours a day working on the reds and yellows, I just could NOT get them the way I wanted. But….perfect is the enemy of the good, so I’m calling it good. It’s still helpful for finding color combos as well as figuring out what colors are similar enough that you don’t need them all.

This weekend I’m donating 50% of Sketchmarker Hex Chart purchases to help Ukrainians!

PS Especially if you’re a regular reader and Copic user – leave a comment about how YOU would use any of these charts. Let the Sketchmarker folks know the treat they’re in for!

Next week’s altered schedule

After the week I’ve had, I’m giving myself a little time to breathe…no Monday video. Maybe only one this week. I lost my dearest aunt and godmother on Friday, and I’m a bit wrecked from that on top of the work in this chart project. I never did get to the watermelon project – so when I get my feet back under me I’ll be here. Subscribe and you’ll get an email when that happens!


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  1. Henriëtte

    I’m so sorry for your loss Sandy, a big comforting hug for you.

    I don’t have Copics nor Sketchmarkers but I love your Polychromos hex chart and use it a lot.
    But I see uppertunities for the blending chart with the cheap markers of my daughter.

    Thank you so much for all the work you have put in these, stay safe and enjoy your day.

  2. Gab

    You are so generous Sandy! Love watching your videos

  3. Shannon

    I’m hoping a rainbow comes out in front of your studio window as a reminder of the joy you bring to me with each of your posts. I’ll be praying for your comfort.

  4. Pam Quackenbush

    Oh Sandy, I’m so sorry for your loss. It makes life SO hard! You are such a wonderful person, I hate to see you in pain. You have my deepest condolence.

  5. Denise Bryant

    The charts look amazing… a great tool!
    Very sorry to hear of the loss of your aunt.

    • Valerie Baity

      I use it to find close colors like you said. I love your hex chart and I thank you for your hard work.

  6. Hema Suresh

    The charts are have so much information.Thank you for all the hard work. I don’t have any sketch brush markers yet ! Hopefully soon.

  7. Therese

    Thank you Sandy, you are amazing!

  8. Jan Castle

    I don’t have any of the Sketchmarkers, but can certainly see the use for your conversion charts for those that do. I use Copic Markers and for extra fine work I am using the Graphic Alcohol markers. Really need to reprint my Copic Hex Chart – LOL!!!
    Thank you Sandy for always doing ‘the hard work’ for us!!!
    Paper Hugs,

  9. Sheri W

    As usual you have gone above and beyond with these charts. Kudos to your dedication to helping other artists and companies!

    Well done.


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