Sometimes painting rain is a bit more necessary than painting sun – and with this darling stamp set from Mama Elephant, a rainy sky was a must! My little friend Penny (you may remember when she taught me to paint HERE) came to help me out with her new watercolor technique. She’s the CUTEST!

Just this weekend we had a *wee* bit of rain. I live in Washington, how crazy is it that we haven’t had any in months?!I did learn a new word that you might want to know: petrichor. It’s that lovely after-rain smell…..I want MORE PETRICHOR!

But maybe just shooting this video inspired Mother Nature to send a couple drops our way. It didn’t last long, but I’m hopeful! Maybe if we click the “like” button enough on this video, she’ll return!?


Watch it below, or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube!

Even though my attempt at Penny’s technique was a fail, I still love the splotchy dots it gave me! And I was really glad I got the stamps all covered up with masking before then, or I might have had quite the mess on my hands!

Sandy Allnock - Painting Rain in Watercolor


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