It’s been a minute since I had my Art Impressions watercolor stamps out – so let’s do it! But with a “Deep Dive” twist – how many different flowers can I make from just ONE stamp? And then replicate them in regular watercolor?

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This is the stamp used for all the flowers I’ll show today – yes this one little leafy guy!


Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube. Note that this is a long video; I divided it into chapters (listed on YT) that you can navigate by timestamp or just tap through the scroll bar at the bottom of the video while it’s playing.


On the left, the stamped version, on the right – painted. Always remember to lighten colors before they dry to get the best “lifting.”


Fat-shaped lavender, eh? Very similar technique, just give them a wider belly. What other flowers could you create like these?


If anyone knows if this IS a Calyx (pronunciation?) do let me know, ha! I do my research for visual cues but on the science I’m not always on target. The “fugitive” color Opera Pink was used for the watercolor version on the right – and…it WILL disappear in the light. If you just love the color – protect it by putting it inside a scrapbook or something that stays closed. Maybe make a bookmark!


Thistle is included also in one of my Copic Wildflower classes. They might be prickly but oh so fun to color and paint! Let the pink layer dry before adding the purple so the thistly prickles stay crisp on top.


These last two don’t come across as well on a 2″ x 2″ square – they would look perfect on an arbor or draped on a fence. Stay tuned to my social media this week and I’ll give that a try.

Morning Glory

These are white flowers, so had to be negatively painted – painting the area AROUND the flower rather than the flower itself! Be sure to come back Friday to see how a different kind of negative painting creates a gorgeous floral planter.


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