Have you ever wanted to learn how to mix colors with alcohol markers? We’ll do that not by putting drops of different inks in the bottle – but by what you draw! You can use Olo markers, Copics, Sketchmarker – these tips will work with any brand of alcohol markers you have.

And a bonus: if you learn to mix colors, you don’t need to BUY all the colors! You may have what you need to create a color on your own. How cool is that?!

Thank you!

Big thanks to the folks at Olo for sending me these markers to work with. A few months ago they’d sent me a small group of pens to see if I liked them, and once I did but was left qwith questions about the color selection – a whole set came my way! Thanks to my friend Lori for coordinating this effort so I could produce a hex chart for you all to use!

Tutorial: How to mix colors with alcohol markers

This is one of my longer videos; you can jump from one section to another – just look for the segments in the progress bar at the bottom. However – even if not interested in Olo markers, you might learn something about other markers along the way, too!

Watch the video below and scroll to the end to leave comments or questions — or click HERE to watch it on YouTube and leave comments over there. I read both dutifully!

Complementary color mixing

Complements (opposite colors on the color wheel) can do two things for a hue: dull them, or darken them. Sometimes both! Which means they work great for shadows. If your collection of markers – or the brand you’re using – doesn’t contain the colors you need, try a complement underneath the main hue! Keep it light at first – generally it should be about a midtone, but depending on the color that’s on top, adjust as needed. (ie yellows may need a lighter color.)

Analagous color mixing

Don’t have the right green (or any color)? Mix one by glazing other colors on top of it. Usually analagous colors work best to shift the hue of a color as was done here. But sometimes others can warm or cool a color to give you just what you need.

In case you’d like to try some berries or holly leaves…here’s the photo:

And the Olo marker colors I used are as follows – find hues similar that you’ve got in your collection!

Olo Hex Chart

Need a chart for your Olos, or know someone who does? Just tap on the photo below and go get one and color it on up!

What’s your toughest color to match?

Does your marker collection have all the colors you want in it, or do you have to mix up your own colors too? Copics may have a wider color selection but I still find some things that need some mixing. Give me your suggestions in the comments, maybe sometime I can make a video with that color mix!


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    Very interesting video. thx for sharing and showing us glazing


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