I’m excited to have finished up the class I told you about earlier this week, Color and Line – because…..I GOT TO OPEN MY NEW PEN! Ok sorry about yelling, I’m just excited to have a new pen! And I wouldn’t let myself open the box til the work was done. 🙂 It’s a Peter Pen – made in partnership with Goldspot & Narwhal Pens and Peter Draws from YT…..I’ve wanted to support him by getting a pen. And finally did!


Tutorial: How to Mindlessly Doodle (Copics a new Peter Pen, and an iguana)

YouTube made “suggestions” to me about the kind of content to consider posting; they said according to data, one of the top searches by people who watch my videos is “How to Doodle.” So….I figured I’d try their advice and see if it’s worth anything! ha!

Watch the video below and scroll to the end to leave comments or questions — or click HERE to watch it on YouTube and leave comments over there. I read both dutifully!

First: my Peter Pen!

My assessment of the Peter Pen is so far so good – the paper is apparently at fault for what I discussed in the video…I tried it on the good paper and all is well. It’s a little pricier than my usual recommendation though, so an Eco by TWSBI is still my recommendation for a starter pen. *see supply list at the end of this post

How to mindlessly doodle

My mindless doodle has a fall feel to it….I picked Copic colors that I don’t reink often. Why let all that ink sit in bottles? Let’s use it! Splooge ink onto the paper (or use any other medium you can draw on top of), then “trace” the shapes seen in the pigment. Wherever there’s a hue or value change, make lines around that and add textures to sections!

Doodled Gecko

I doodled this fellow after drawing him in Copics – see the Mission Impossible reel to see it done!

Doodled Iguana

Or a Jagras? Hard to say when I know little about the Monster Hunter game! But I figure if a few IG users called it that, it must have looked like a Jagras! This one in color may or may not, who knows…..

Here he is just with the Copic color:

And then with the pen and ink…a rather majestic fellow, no? 

Tiny Tutorial with before and afters

Click o the image to go see the series….

Color & Line Class is open!

The Color & Line class is out of preregistrations – I worked my little fanny off (yes my fanny is tired of sitting at the desk doing computer work!) and it’s all ready for you! I emailed preregistrants, so hopefully everyone got the word that they can go start drawing!

Are you a doodler?

You don’t need to be a fancy doodler or do it in color – but doodling is such a great hand exercise that will help you in all your art. Just making marks on paper starts to develop your style, and can help keep you in practice between projects. 


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  1. Debbie L

    Wow, Sandy. Even your “splooging” makes beautiful work, but your doodling makes then works of art. These are beautiful. I am so tempted to give this a try now. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Dale Rose

    What a shock to see the monsters that appear regularly in my yard to eat my plants (I am an organic gardener). They have destroyed my gardenia bush that took over forty years to grow! I am fascinated and horrified by them, but will try the drawing. It may help me to be a bit less angry at them for eating my favorite plants. Thanks for the tutorial.


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