I believe I’ve seen some cell phone types of dies before – but this is more of a DIY kind of project – I created my phones with rectangle frame dies – and markers! The stamps with these kiddos in them is by Hero Arts – and it’s a fundraiser set in their Unity collection!

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The people stamps are up to you – or you could do pet stamps or whatever you’d like in yours. I’m going to see if I can pull this off with a photo to use for my sister’s birthday card. Shhh don’t tell her!

View on YouTube.

The sentiments for these could be stamped on the background, but if you do crazy textures like me, well – that just might become unreadable! I chose to stamp them on white and use a hole punch to cut them out.

These are the skintones used for all the children in these cards:

The dark wood is my usual go to for tables; easy to do, and it’s nice and rich so I could heat embooss the sentiment.

I tried a more blonde wood this time – more rough boards than usual!

And marble, for an idea for my Hex Art class students!


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