Have you had trouble with alcohol ink projects being “sticky” after they’re done? Me too! Not all of them but some – I can’t even figure out consistently what causes it….it seems like it should be thick sections of dark color. Or maybe particular color combos. But nope, it seems to be somewhat random.

I have found that the back side of the photo paper does it less than the front side, along with the color moving better on the back. (The Epson linked at the end of this post doesn’t have the big HP grey logo on the paper I’m still using up – so if you’re looking for logoless, that works!)

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The solution to the sticky is so simple: powder! Check it out:

View on YouTube.

Alcohol Ink Landscape on IGTV

This card was painted in a little speed version on IGTV….click to watch the video.

Simple cards

My card designs for these rest on just the beauty of the ink – just popping the panel on a card base with dimensional adhesive. Easy!


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